Midair Hack Shows the Dangers of In-Flight Wi-Fi

From: Observer

‘This is far more serious than in your home, because there are 200 or 300 people at once’

USA Today reporter Steven Petrow wrote a column this week detailing how his computer was hacked while he was using American Airlines’ in-flight Gogo Wi-Fi. A passenger in the seat behind him hacked into his email and read every message he sent and received during the flight.

Mr. Petrow outlines many of the implications of this invasion of privacy, but one issue he doesn’t delve into is the inherent problem with airplane Wi-Fi. While access to in-flight Wi-Fi has increased 179 percent in the last three years, many airlines have not outfitted their Wi-Fi networks with the proper security, which means hacks like the one Mr. Petrow experienced could become more common if changes aren’t made soon.

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