What Washington really knows about the Internet of Things

Editor’s Note: See NIST official: Internet of Things is indefensible.

From: Politico

A POLITICO investigation.

This first-of-its-kind investigation involved reviewing hundreds of pages of federal reports and hearing transcripts, attending many of the inside-the-Beltway events now proliferating on the Internet of Things and conducting interviews with more than 50 senators and members of Congress, Capitol Hill staffers, federal, state and local agency officials, privacy advocates and tech whizzes all feeling their way into this new frontier. I also wired myself up to see just what it felt like to move through this new world as an early adopter.

What I found, overall, is that the government doesn’t have any single mechanism to address the Internet of Things or the challenges it’s presenting. Instead, the new networked-object technologies are covered by at least two dozen separate federal agencies — from the Food and Drug Administration to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from aviation to agriculture — and more than 30 different congressional committees. Congress has written no laws or any kind of overarching national strategy specifically for the Internet of Things.

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