Sharing Data to Improve Disaster Response and Recovery Programs

Editor’s Note: For more information about cyber contingency planning, see What will you do when the Internet collapses?

From: US GAO | WatchBlog

Since 2013, our Government Data Sharing Community of Practice has hosted a series of public discussions on challenges and opportunities related to sharing data in government. Read on for the findings of our latest forum on how government can use data to improve responses to natural disasters.

4 Ways Data Can Improve Disaster Response

Panelists from the White House’s Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery Initiative, Department of Defense, Department of Housing and Urban Development, the MITRE Corporation, Center for Organizational Excellence, Office of Personnel Management, and GAO discussed 4 ways in which sharing data could improve disaster response and recovery:

  1. establish and maintain situational awareness to facilitate effective responses;
  2. coordinate the use of available resources and avoid duplicative efforts;
  3. identify and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse of recovery assistance programs; and
  4. monitor the outcomes of disaster response and recovery programs.

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