In Memoriam: Paul Bartock

From: SANS Institute

One of the rarest of men died yesterday, far too soon. Paul Bartock was a Renaissance man. He was a carpenter and a paramedic and he was one of the top cybersecurity engineers in the United States. When you hear people say, “NSA has the best cybersecurity talent,” they were talking in many, many cases about the groups that Paul led at the National Security Agency.  He was at home with generals and equally so with maintenance folks and also with the product development gurus shaping the future of information and networking technology. I could go on, but there will be a chance to share Paul stories in Washington in three weeks at a memorial service where we can raise a glass to him and share our recollections.

Some of his co-workers are collecting “Paul stories” so if you have one you are willing to share, please send it to (subject Paul). And if you would like to do even more, a Paul Bartock Scholarship Fund has been established to help young men and women who attend any of the University of Maryland schools to complete their education so they can follow Paul in using technology to serve the nation.  Send checks to Paul Bartock Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation, 5404 Falmouth Road, Bethesda, MD 20816.


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