Centralized Regulatory Review in the UK

A number of articles are appearing in the US literature regarding the  alleged overreach of OMB’s centralized review of regulations as carried out by OIRA, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

CRE visited with the UK Regulatory Policy Committee, an agency vested with regulatory oversight responsibilities, to provide a basis for a comparison of the UK  mechanism  for centralized regulatory review  with that of the US.

The following articles, printed in the attachments below, are a result of the meeting:

We encourage each of our readers to arrive at their own conclusions but in our opinion the US  approach to centralized regulatory review is somewhat more limited than that employed in the  UK.

 The articles were written by Donald Macrae, a regulatory consultant who works with private companies and NGO’s in both the UK and throughout the world.  Prior to departing government service in 2007, Mr. Macrae’s background was in the UK government, his final post being Director General for Law and Regulation in DEFRA (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).


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