Centralized Regulatory Review in the UK and US: Which One Has the Greatest Compliance Rate?

 CRE had the good fortune of visiting  UK  officials related to centralized regulatory review. One purpose of the visit was to address criticisms from some groups in the US that the OIRA lead process was too stringent, placed too high an emphasis on cost/benefit analyses and resulted in extensive delays.

 The mission was hosted by Mr. Donald Macrae a former regulatory official in the UK.

 As a result of the visit, the UK is going to provide CRE with some extremely informative statements on its regulatory process which we shall post on this  site.

 CRE believes that upon reading the UK material readers will conclude that the US system is somewhat more timid than that employed in the  UK. See   http://www.thecre.com/oira/?p=498

 One might get the gist of the UK view of the US system by reading the attached library available for attendees of the meeting.  These materials are attached below.

Deleting regulations_ Of Sunstein and sunsets _ The Economist

Measuring the impact of regulation_ The rule of more _ The Economist

The Economist Botches the Economics of Regulation By Recycling Discredited Proposals

United States’ economy_ Over-regulated America _ The Economist

Industry poll finds broad support for easing regulations on business

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