SAP Rejects EDSP Tier 2 Tests

On June 25-28, 2013, EPA’s Science Advisory Panel reviewed and rejected EPA’s proposed EDSP Tier 2 tests.  The SAP Minutes speak for themselves on this issue:

“The focus of this SAP meeting was on the validation status of the proposed EDSP Tier 2 ecotoxicity tests. The Panel supports the scientific rationale and purpose, representative species chosen, biological and toxicological relevance of the major endpoints selected and measured, and the validation process used by EPA for all four proposed Tier 2 ecotoxicity texts. However, the inter-laboratory variability indicates that all four Tier 2 ecotoxicity tests are not yet repeatable and transferable. In particular, there are flaws in the experimental design and statistical analysis, lack of clarity in the protocol and precision in conducting the assays, and a need for additional reference chemicals (generically referred to as positive controls).”

Click here to read SAP Minutes.




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