How to Determine Data Quality?

One of the critical EDSP issues is how to determine whether EPSP test data are sufficiently accurate and reliable to be used for regulatory purposes. Determination of regulatory data quality was discussed by Dr. Richard Becker in a presentation at a recent National Toxicology Program webinar.  Dr. Becker’s presentation is well worth reading by anyone interested in this issue.

Click here to read Dr.  Becker’s presentation.

SAB Critically Reviews EPA’s Comptox

EPA’s Science Advisory Board met on March 7-8, 2013, to review several issues including EPA “Risk Assessments—Use of Computational Toxicology.” EPA hopes to use CompTox in several contexts, including the Agency’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program. Given its proposed EDSOP use, and the EPA Science Advisory Panel’s continuing review of CompTox, SAB Member Dr. Elaine Faustman pointed out that “[t]he review highlights in several contexts the significance of the early use of the CompTox data for screening dispersants in the Gulf however it is silent of the very large exercise of screening for endocrine disruption that is occurring as a part of the EPA endocrine screening program. Shouldn’t the review applaud EPA’s approach to emphasize the importance of such evaluations of Comp Tox results for current EPA needs?”