Status of EDSP ICRs

In order to implement the EDSP, EPA needs OMB to approve Information Collection Requests under the Paperwork Reduction Act. EPA currently has three ICRs for the EDSP, and only one of them has been approved by OMB.

First, EPA has an approved ICR for Tier 1 screening of the first list of EDSP chemicals selected by EPA.  The OMB Control Number for this ICR is 2070-0176. The ICR Reference Number is 201210-2070-003. .  This ICR is approved with the following OMB Terms of Clearance:

NMDR Review Committee Considering Draft Report

The National Academy of Science’s National Research Council met on December 9-10, 2013, to review EPA’s draft paper State of the Science on Nonmonotonic Dose Response.  This was a closed meeting, and the public could not attend. According to the NAS/NRC project website, during this meeting the committee considered a Draft report and Draft findings and recommendations.  No written documents were made available to the committee in the meeting.  Click here for the project website.