NAS Hopes to Publish NMDR Report in April

The National Academy of Science’s National Research Council is reviewing EPA’s draft paper State of the Science on Nonmonotonic Dose Response.  This review has EDSP implications.  For example, some public comments to the Committee criticized EPA’s approach to the EDSP. Committee staff told CRE that the Committee hopes to publish a report on its review in April 2014. The project website is available by clicking here.

EPA Publishes New EDSP Comprehensive Management Plan

EPA’S new EDSP Management Plan was Jointly developed by the Agency’s Office of Chemical Safety & Pollution Prevention and the Office of Water.  According to EPA:

“This comprehensive management plan was developed by the EPA to describe activities envisaged between FY 2014 through FY 2019 and supersedes the original comprehensive management plan issued in June 2012; the management plan provides strategic guidance to the EPA staff and managers participating in the internal activities associated with EDSP. This comprehensive management plan does not create or confer legal rights or impose any legally binding requirements on the EPA or any other party. This comprehensive management plan is distributed solely for the purpose of sharing this information with the public, consistent with the EPA transparency objectives. It is not intended to serve any other purpose, and should not be construed to represent formal dissemination of any agency determination or policy. As such, the information correction process under the agency’s Information Quality Guidelines does not apply to this document.”