New Zealand PAM Course 

Seiche Training has released the following notice:

“To work in New Zealand as a Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operator, individuals need to complete the specified training as outlined by the New Zealand Department of Conservation. The Seiche Training New Zealand PAM course aims at providing students with the knowledge and understanding of working as a PAM operator in New Zealand waters. The course, which is consistent with the standards set out in the 2013 Code of Conduct for minimising acoustic disturbance to marine mammals from seismic survey operations, will equip delegates with a thorough understanding of the Code, as well as PAM. The course is suitable for individuals new to PAM, and personnel who wish to gain an understanding of marine mammal acoustics, as well as individuals who are currently working in the offshore industry.

The course covers

*   Install and set up PAM equipment,

*   PAMguard software and configuration

*   Marine mammal vocalisation

*   Marine mammal localisation

*   Anthropogenic noise in the ocean

*   Effects of noise on marine mammals

*   NZ marine mammals

*   Deployment methods

*   Code of conduct

*   Role of NZ PAM ops

*   Navigation

*   Reporting and recording

*   General seismic operations and life on board.

The course will have theory, class room practicals setting up PAMgaurd and localizing marine mammals. As well as a boat trip where we deploy the equipment and carry out real time monitoring….”

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