Oil and Gas Industry Searches for Answers around Government Pull Out of Future Exploration

 The International Association of Geophysical Contractors posted the following article on their website.  This article concerns developments in New Zealand’s offshore seismic:

“Newstalk ZB Staff, National, 17 April 2018

The oil and gas industry is using the Official Information Act to pinpoint why government called for an end to future exploration in the fashion it did.

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association has lodged requests with six government agencies and offices.

CEO Cameron Madgwick says there are more questions that need answering following meetings with the Energy and Resources Minister.

‘We still are trying to get a real handle on how this decision was made, and that’s why we have made Official Information Act requests.’

Representatives from the oil and gas industry have also turned up at the Government’s announcement of an interim climate commission this afternoon.

Shortly after the Climate Change Minister opened the floor to questions, Joshua O’Rourke from the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association put up his hand.

He asked the Minister about his comments that he wants to take politics out of climate change, given he’s just announced the end of oil and gas exploration permits.

Mr. Shaw stood by his statements.We did feel that is was one of the important signals that we would send into the market.

‘A fairly long-term signal, and it has a very little short-term impact, but quite a lot of long-term impact.’



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