On November 6, 2015, the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness filed comments opposing the Office of Health Assessment and Translation’s proposed review of the non-cancer human health effects of seven neonicotinoid pesticides. The seven neonics are:

CASRN 135410-20-7 or 160430-64-8 (acetamiprid), CASRN 210880-92-5 (clothianidin), CASRN 165252-70-0 (dinotefuran), CASRN 138261-41-3 OR 105827-78-9 (imidacloprid), CASRN 150824-47-8 (nitenpyram), CASRN 111988-49-9 (thiacloprid), and CASRN 153719-23-4 (thiamethoxam).

CRE’s comments came to the following conclusion:

“…OHAT review of the neonics would be wasted and duplicative and should not occur. OHAT has no standard regulatory structure, no means or experience to provide an open review, has not been transparent about the review nominations, and has no authority under FIFRA to regulate neonics. Based on this, the US Taxpayer should not fund two review organizations, one of which has no regulatory authority.”

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