EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs has undergone a staff reorganization effective October 18, 2014. According to EPA:

“The reorganization created two additional risk management branches and will allow for a greater number of staff to work more directly on registration actions. The Registration Division is responsible for conventional chemical risk management for new chemical registrations, new product registrations, registration amendments and new use reviews, tolerances, experimental use permits, and emergency exemptions for conventional chemical pesticides.

In the reorganization, two new product branches were created, the Inerts and Technical Review Branches were consolidated, and the primary functions of the Registration Support Branch were moved to the Immediate Office. This reorganization increases the overall number of primary risk managers and optimizes the supervisor to staff ratio at 1:11, which helps to keep the workload streamlined and more equitable among all Registration Division Branches.

The reorganization will not change the way the Registration Division handles registrations. While in certain instances, certain chemicals may be assigned a new Product Manager and or a new branch, chemicals assignments are generally remaining the same to maintain consistency.

The new Registration Division contact list including the ombudsman contacts is available at


You can find specific chemicals, by branch, at