EPA has published a document entitled, “The EDSP Universe of Chemicals and General Validation Principles,” available online at http://www.epa.gov/scipoly/oscpendo/pubs/edsp_chemical_universe_and_general_validations_white_paper_11_12.pdf .  EPA developed this new EDSP document in response to EPA’s Office of Inspector General’s recommendations regarding the EDSP. The document presents the list of approximately 10,000 chemicals that are included in the EDSP under FIFRA and SDWA.  Not all of these chemicals will be subject to EDSP Tier 1 testing. EPA intends to prioritize these chemicals for EDSP screening by considering physical chemical properties, exposure, and an effects based approach using computational toxicological methods.  These computational toxicological methods will be evaluated by a four-day Science Advisory Panel beginning January 29, 2013.