On January 31 and February 1, in Seattle, Washington, the National Research Council held its second public meeting during the NRC’s review of scientific and technical issues related to the methods and assumptions used by EPA, NMFS and FWS in conducting scientific assessments and ecological risks from pesticides registered by EPA under FIFRA. The Minor Crop Farmer Alliance presented comments at this meeting. 

The MCFA is an alliance of national and regional organizations and individuals representing Growers, shippers, packers, and processors of various agricultural commodities, including food, fiber, nursery, and horticultural products, and orgamnizations involved with public health pesticides. Among other comments, the MCFA stated that given “the way the ESA review process is structured, currently farmers do not have a seat at the table in that process.  We have been told we have no standing in the services’ review process.”

MCFA comments are attached below