The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has requested public comment on the Agency’s draft biological evaluations for the FIFRA registration review of the pesticides carbaryl and methomyl. EPA must receive any comments must on or before May 18, 2020.

Along with the draft BEs, EPA is posting an updated Revised Method for conducting national level endangered species risk assessments for pesticides document in the BE docket, as a supporting document. The updated Revised Method will also be posted in the Draft Revised Method docket (see docket ID number EPA–HQ–OPP–2019– 0195 at, along with a response to public comments document. Some elements of the Revised Method include: (1) Incorporation of usage data to inform the likelihood that an ESA-listed species or designated critical habitat may be exposed to a pesticide; (2) incorporation of probabilistic approaches to determine the likelihood that an ESA-listed species will be adversely affected by a pesticide given the variability in the range of potential exposures and toxicological responses to listed species; and (3) incorporation of a weight-of-evidence framework for informing effects determinations.

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