Editor’s note: EPA’s pesticide Office posted the above-titled article on one of EPA’s websites. The entire article reads as follows:

“As part of an ongoing effort to improve the safety of pet spot-on flea and tick products, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is inviting all pet spot-on registrants to use standardized enhanced incident and sales reporting templates for annual incident reporting.

This procedural change will support the objectives of pet spot-on mitigation by ensuring that consistent, high-quality, useful data are received in a timely fashion.

These changes also ease the burden on registrants. By using the templates and following the related implementation guidance, registrants can now request to change from quarterly to annual submission of enhanced incident reporting, and they can request removal of the two-year conditional registration expiration date. Use of the templates will become a condition of registration.

EPA will continue to actively manage these registrations through registration review and by reviewing labels for mitigation whenever registrants request amendments. EPA may still initiate action at any time to address concerns if it identifies unreasonable adverse effects. Such actions can range from mandatory label changes up to and including cancellation of the registration.

EPA first implemented use of the templates in 2018 following a successful pilot program with registrants.”