• Competitive bidding…This whole concept is bogus

    Editor’s Note:  The following article was submitted to CRE by a DME supplier in Texas.  CRE is pleased to present the suppliers’ complete and unedited comments.

    This whole concept is bogus.  As the owner of a small DME business, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars to upgrade my business, the equipment we serve the public with, and to be able to become accredited, and have made great sacrifice for our community.  This will all be for naught if we do not win a bid in the upcoming process.  We will just close and go away.  Thousands of workers will lose their jobs across the country, and the tax rolls will decrease and the welfare roles will increase as this process works itself out.

    The easy solution would be for CMS to set a price for everything they pay for and then let the chips fall where they may.  If you will work for that amount then stay in the business, if you can’t then don’t.  

    That would be the simple, fair way to do it…. 

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