• CRE Responds to CMS Request for Comments on its Information Collection Request to Collect Information Regarding the Effectiveness of the Competitive Bidding Program for Durable Medical Equipment

    The Paperwork Reduction Act prohibits any federal agency from collecting information from ten or more persons unless the said collection is first approved by the Office of Management and Budget.

    CMS has the statutory requirement to assess the effectiveness of its competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment .and report its  findings to the Congress. To this end, CMS submitted an Information Collection Request to OMB for Clearance.


      Comments on the ICR are of particular significance because deficiencies identified by CMS in the Congressionally mandated study  could be the basis for administrative and statutory changes in the  competitive bidding program.



      CRE has as much, if not more, daily contact with the beneficiaries of the CMS competitive bidding program then does any organization. The aforementioned contact is a result of CRE’s Interactive Public Docket (IPD) for durable medical equipment located here  .


      The IPD records all phone calls made by beneficiaries (patients). The text of the phone calls are typed and posted on the IPD along with a verbal recording of the phone call.

      Beneficiaries often discuss their specific problems with CRE personnel.


      Based upon this continuing dialogue with beneficiaries, the comments filed on the ICR are attributed to both CRE and Medicare Beneficiaries.


      CRE reached the following fundamental conclusion based upon comments received from Medicare Beneficiaries:


      The beneficiary Hotline calls were essential for identifying a critical failure in the ICR:


       beneficiaries are not being asked about whether they were forced to change suppliers because of competitive bidding and, if so, was their physical or mental heath impacted by the change.


      In its comments CRE states:


      The purpose of these comments is to make sure that the government hears the voices of Medicare beneficiaries and corrects this ICR so that CMS can learn and report to Congress on the actual impact of the DME competitive bidding program on older Americans.


      It is essential that the interests of Medicare beneficiaries be reinforced by suppliers, the Congress and the public by writing letters to CMS is support of CRE comments. Comments can be submitted to CMS


      Read CRE comments below