• CRE Informs the Media that CMS Star Ratings Could Violate the Data Quality Act

    Editor’s Note: CRE has informed Inside CMS, a premier media organization, of potential deficiencies in the CMS Star Rating program.

    Editor: Inside CMS

    The following email was sent to a number of individuals associated with the CMS Star Rating System as applied to hospitals.


    Jim Tozzi

    Center for Regulatory Effectiveness



    I am with the CRE, the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness, a regulatory watchdog which intervenes in regulatory proceedings when it appears that government regulations are not science based.

    We work to ensure compliance with the Data Quality Act; see the following article from the New York Times http://www.thecre.com/quality/20020321_nytimes.htm

    We are receiving an increasing number of complaints from the healthcare community to the effect that the ratings from the CMS Star rating system are not reproducible and therefore in violation of the Data Quality Act—the implications of which could be very significant.

    It appears that your organization has considerable expertise in this area.

    We are considering a regulatory intervention but prior to taking such an action we would appreciate receiving any information you might have on this subject area.


    Jim Tozzi

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