• The Diabetes Test Strips Crisis: How Cutting Costs Is Robbing Your Health

    From: A Sweet Life

    Riva Greenberg

    Medicare and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are choosing to lower costs at the expense of your health. They are allowing cheap and faulty diabetes test strips into the marketplace. Test strips that have been proven — the FDA admits – to give inaccurate glucose readings.

    Strip Safely

    This is dangerous for anyone who has diabetes, no matter what your age. We cannot allow this to continue and, together, we can stop it — and we must.

  • Roche to cut local jobs after diabetes-care sales plunge

    From: Indianapolis Business Journal

    Plunging revenue from its blood-glucose monitors has forced Roche Diagnostics Corp. to cut its staff, the company informed its workers last week.

    Roche, which operates its North American headquarters in Indianapolis, suffered a 14-percent decline in revenue in its diabetes care unit during the first six months of
    the year. Roche has reportedly put that unit up for sale, according to a May report by the Reuters news agency.

  • Controversial Medicare Bid Program Takes Next Step

    From: KCUR.org 893.FM Kansas City Public Media

    By Bryan Thompson

    Medicare patients who have diabetic testing supplies delivered to them experienced some changes this week.

    It’s all part of an effort by the Medicare program to save money and cut down on fraud. But some people are worried about unintended consequences.

    A public services announcement issued by Medicare attempts to lay out the changes for diabetic Medicare recipients:

    “If you are covered by Original Medicare, and have diabetic testing supplies delivered to your home,” the narrator says. “You should know about a new mail-order program for diabetic testing supplies. It will allow you to continue getting quality supplies, while saving money.”