• Harsh Grassroots Criticism of CMS’ Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor

     An almost two-year old notice on the California American Academy of Family Physicians’ website regarding Palmetto GBA taking over as Medicare Part A/B contractor continues to generate harsh criticism of the organization that also serves as CMS’ Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor (CBIC).  Examples of relatively recent postings include:

    “We are in Sacramento, does anyone have a name of an attny we can contact. Haven’t been paid since Jan.”

    “I have spoken to an attorney friend about legal action against Palmetto for many of the reasons mentioned all over a simple change of address.”

    “I represent a provider who has reached the end of the line with Palmetto and its improper handling of claims with the apparent deliberate purpose to deny clean and appropriate claims.”

    The question which remains to be answered is, what does Palmetto’s alleged management shortcomings mean forDME suppliers and the Medicare beneficiaries who rely on them?

    See, CAFP website http://www.familydocs.org/news-media/news/palmetto-gba-taking-over-nhic-medicare-claims.php

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