HHS to face audit of its own cybersecurity, incident response capabilities

From: Healthcare IT News

The increase in threats and sophistication have prompted the need to shore up government security policies, according to the agency’s updated 2017 work plan.

NIST describes calls for cross-sector solutions to IoT risks in response to Trump cyber order

From: Inside Cybersecurity

Rick Weber

The National Institute of Standards and Technology says steps to address cybersecurity risks from the emerging Internet of Things will require cross-sector actions in response to a global threat, underscoring the complexity and challenges in developing a national strategy for mitigating automated attacks under President Trump’s cybersecurity executive order.

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Brazil’s Central Bank opens public consultation on cyber security

From: telecompaper

Brazil’s Central Bank has put to public consultation a proposal to regulate cyber security in financial institutions, and for contracting data processing and storage services and cloud computing. The proposal provides that banks should develop measures to share information about cyber incidents. In a statement, the Central Bank said that the “regulatory initiative takes into account. . . .

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Leading The Pack: How The U.S. Government Is Out-Innovating The Fortune 500

From: Forbes

Alex Bekker

The federal government is rarely seen as innovative these days, but in the area of cybersecurity, it has been further ahead of the curve than most people give it credit for. By adopting vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty programs, the U.S. government is acting on its belief that engaging with independent security researchers is an effective way of improving its cybersecurity posture.

Cybersecurity and technology transfer seen as top priorities for NIST director nominee

From: Science

By Robert F. Service

President Donald Trump has nominated Walter Copan, an expert in technology transfer, to be the director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which supports physical sciences research and operates labs in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Boulder, Colorado.

The 63-year-old Copan is a Ph.D. chemist and president and CEO of the Colorado-based Intellectual Property Engineering Group. He says his top priority for the agency is to implement the Cybersecurity Framework, a NIST-led effort to improve network security across federal agencies as well as industry.

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