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  • April 2013

    When Reporters Cease to be Watchdogs

  • March 2013

    NGOs Coming to Terms with Fracking?

  • February 2013

    Federal Watchdog Office Saves Small Businesses

    Want to Help the Environment? Ignore Environmentalists

  • January 2013

    Sierra Club Favors Civil Disobedience to Support China


  • December 2012

    Greenpeace Sees Benefit to Blindness

    Health Care Watchdog Bites Seniors

  • November 2012

    Are Federal Agencies Forfeiting Ownership of Data Stored in the Clouds?

    The DQA and DoD Spending

  • October 2012

    The Precautionary Principle: Anti-Science In Action

    Insecure Pocket Computers Need Better Security


  • September 2012

    Revitalizing The Department of Energy's Role as an Energy Regulation Watchdog

  • August 2012

    NRDC Calls Needed Attention to Food Waste

    PART: Part of the Process of Improving Government Performance through Budgeting

  • July 2012

    Medical Cybersecurity – Fertile Ground for Activists

    Laws Won't Secure Health Data Privacy

  • June 2012

    An Open Letter about GSA Spending

    Medicare's War on Seniors

  • May 2012


  • April 2012

    Is Medicare's Competitive Bidding Program Killing Seniors?

    FDA Upholds Science; Denies BPA Petition

  • March 2012

    Center for American Progress Embraces "the Antithesis of Science"; Throws Seniors to Wolves

  • February 2012

    Consumer Privacy Bill of Responsibilities

    CFA Misunderstands Insurance

  • January 2012

    EPIC Twittering About Google

    Time to Defund Campus PIRGs


  • December 2011

    Food Marketing Guidelines: An Uncontrolled Experiment on Children

    Data Quality Failings Worsen DC Traffic

  • November 2011

    Can Water Prevent Dehydration?

    A Budget Beyond Belief

  • October 2011

    Mandatory Labels for Genetically Improved Foods?

    Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Taking a Bite Out of Crime?

  • September 2011

    The Tobaccoless Tobacco Product: DOT Seeks In-Flight E-Cig Ban

    Google, Facebook & Twitter: CRE Petitions FTC to Set Rules of the Road

  • August 2011

    Does Public Citizen Green Power

    Does Public Citizen Support Opening Yucca Mountain?

  • July 2011

    BPA = Alar Redux?

    OECD: An International Internet Watchdog?

  • June 2011

    Financial Stability Watchdog Subject to Data Quality Act

  • In Defense of Salt and the DQA

  • May 2011

    White House Calls for New Cyber Watchdogs

  • Is The Debt Problem Solvable?

  • April 2011

    Net Neutrality and the Paperwork Reduction Act

  • An Obscene Twist on Class Action Lawsuits

  • March 2011

    Nuclear Defense

  • A Judge Running EPA's Endangered Species Act/Pesticides Program?

  • February 2011

    Presenting Blanche Thomas with Albert "Papa" French and his New Orleans Jazz Band

  • Public Citizen Opposes Lawsuit Targeting Fraud and Deceit

  • January 2011

    Watchdog Warns of Public Health Harm if Menthol Cigarettes Banned

  • Want Less Government? Demand Higher Taxes


  • December 2010

    Happy Birthday Wishes to the Data Quality Act

  • Scientist and Policy Advocate: Mutually Exclusive Professions

  • November 2010

    Ralph Nader and Public Citizen: Together Again

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Not Always Such A Good Idea?

  • October 2010

    CRE's Proposed Interactive Public Dockets -Tilting the Regulatory Process Further in Industry's Favor

  • Deputizing Banks: Is American Competitiveness Being Harming?

  • September 2010

    When Private Interests Capture the Public Purse: The Fillmore Example

  • 15,000 - 30,000 Annual Deaths Reflect Misplaced Federal Priorities

  • August 2010

    Net Neutrality: The Issue of Unlawful Content

  • The Gross and Unacceptable Behavior of Dr. Tyrone Hayes

  • July 2010

    It's Up to OMB to Save Small Business

  • Buy BP Gasoline

  • June 2010

    Time to Regulate Google?

  • Destroying Journalism In Order to Save It?

  • May 2010

    Financial Reform to Override State Insurance Regulation?

  • The Most Important Court Decision You Never Heard Of

  • March 2010

    The Secrets They Keep

  • Menthol and Science

    The Manchurian Electorate

    Beer, College and Affordable Tuition

  • February 2010

    The Need for a Wounded Warrior Flagship Initiative

  • Does Google Harm Minority-Owned Businesses?

  • January 2010

    The Anti-Stimulus Plan

  • Unfinished Business


  • December 2009

    Climate Change and the Open Government Directive

  • Preventing Discrimination and Cronyism in Agency Contracting

  • November 2009

    CMS' Electronic Watchdog

  • Medicare Beneficiaries: The Ultimate Watchdogs

  • October 2009

    A Ward of Wall Street

  • Medicare Program Under Fire

  • September 2009

    "We at Environmental Working Group are still using our cell phones...."

  • Do Security Contractors Harm American Security?

  • August 2009

    Is Cap-and-Trade an Indirect Consumer Tax?

  • Bonus Bonanza: Your Tax Dollars At Work

  • July 2009

    Consumer Financial Protection Agency: A Cure for Lobbyist Deficit Disorder?

  • Why Punish Auto Dealers?

  • June 2009

    The Sierra Club, the AIG of NGOs

  • Fanne Fox and Medicare

  • May 2009

    Weapons of Rat Destruction

  • Systemically Risky

  • April 2009

    When Renewable Isn't Green

  • Learn From Europe: Regulate the Regulators

  • March 2009

    Common Sense About AdSense

  • Stifling the Climate Policy Debate?

  • February 2009

    Midnight Drugs

  • Climate Hacking

  • January 2009

    The Future of Self-Regulation

  • The Financial Crisis


  • December 2008

    OMB’s Transparency Successes

  • Family Farms Need Quality Data

    TARP Transparency

    Health Data Privacy

    Cooling Support for Climate Change Action

  • November 2008

    Watching Midnight Regulations

  • The NFL: Anti-Gambling or Anti-Competition?

    Industry-Funded Research: Qualitatively Superior

    Drug Safety: Who Decides?

  • October 2008

    Drug Reactions Hit Record?

  • Premature Regulation by Litigation

    Feeding America

    Secret Treaty?

  • September 2008

    Trying to Fuel the Banking Crisis

  • Genetic Regulation

    Retailers Versus Credit Cards

    Smart Catastrophe Policy


  • August 2008

    Google's High-Tech Lobbying

  • New Regulator On The Block

    FDA’s Fake Drug Ads

    Consumer Transaction Reporting Law

  • July 2008

    FDA = Federal Dog Abuse?

  • Sierra Club v. Sierra Club

    Jump$tarting Financial Literacy

    Voluntary Health Care Standards

  • June 2008

    Consumer Watchdog Opposes Safety Testing

  • Bad Weather for Biofuels

    Student Ethicists

    Securing the Power Grid

    Applying Cost-Benefit Analysis to Pharmaceuticals

  • May 2008

    Why The UK Needs A PRA

  • Pension Evasion: The Need For A Public Sector SOX

    NAFTA’s Environmental Watchdog

    The Union of Concerned Scientists: Unconcerned With Science

  • April 2008

    Greenpeace’s Policies That Would Kill

  • Of Matter and Light

    Street View = Legal Action

    Environmental NGOs Invoke DQA

  • March 2008

    Public Citizen Twists Study to Smear Bureaucrats

  • Defending Wine Appreciation

    Heart Hack Attack

    Advertising Green

    Preserving Consumer Credit Choices

  • February 2008

    NGO Response to Winston’s Column

  • Biased Bashing of Consumer Electronics

    America’s Fiscal Crisis

    Science Debate 2008

  • January 2008

    Priming the Market with Voluntary Standards

  • NRDC’s Anti-Science, Anti-Animal Agenda

    New Nukes

    FDA Forced to Act on Nanotechnology Petition?


  • December 2007

    The Guardians of the Games' Fantasy Gamble

  • Time to Regulate Dietary Supplements?

    Facebook Privacy?

  • November 2007

    Big Nano Thinking

  • Never Mind Congress, Where’s the Public?

    Tracking DC Drivers

    In Praise of EPA’s FOIA Office

  • October 2007

    Regulating Synthetic Biology

  • Panem et Circenses

    Underpaid CEOs?

    Will National Health Care Reveal Your Medical Secrets?

    VEBA’s Regulatory Challenge

  • September 2007

    Ethanol For People, Not Cars

  • The Mexicans Are Coming, The Mexicans Are Coming

    Securing the Oceans

  • August 2007

    The Crumbling of Old Green

  • Saying Sayonara to the Sierra Club

    Google’s Chilling Effects

    Hello Isolationism

  • July 2007

    The Inconvenient Facts

  • Google’s Private Click

    Small Business Watchdogs

    Gambling With Trade Agreements

  • June 2007

    ED and Dupont: Taking A Nano Risk Together

  • The Personal Price of Public Care

    Go to School and Steal Stuff

    Fear and Nonsense

  • May 2007

    Culture Crime

  • Frankenstein’s Monsters

    Nuclear Cool

  • April 2007

    Stop Blaming the Bureaucrats

  • America’s Immigrant Future

    DOD’s Financial Walter Reed

    New Watchdog In Town

    The Sarbanes-Oxidation of American Financial Markets

  • March 2007

    Green Thug

  • Watching Google As Google Watches

    The Real March Madness

    Climate Change: Children’s Hour Is Over

  • February 2007

    No Carve-Outs Allowed

  • Greenpeace’s Misleading Electronics Report

    Understanding Autism

    Re-Engineering the Earth Goddess

  • January 2007

    Cutting Edge Watchdog

  • CU Discovers Data Quality, Withdraws Report

    Gene Doping

    Just Pay Needed to Preserve the American Way


  • December 2006

    The Mother of All Santa Clauses

  • Dysfunctional Food Fight

    Credit Craze

  • November 2006

    Generation Whine

  • Internet Without Frontiers

    Increased Energy Supply Investment Needed

    What Does "Support Our Troops" Really Mean?

  • October 2006

    EU's REACH for Politicized Science

  • Withering Watchdogs

    Harvard Alum, PloS Co-Founder Supports Peer Review Reform

    OMB Watch: Improving Data Quality Is The Name of the Game

  • September 2006

    WHO Needs to Adhere to the DQA

  • Revenge of the Podcasters

    NGO Accountability Charter: PR Substituting for Substance?

  • August 2006

    Sounds of Jamaica

  • Don't Believe the Moviemercials


  • July 2006

  • Banking Regulation and the Data Quality Act

    Washington NGOs

    Taking The Lead In Bridging the International Digital Divide

    French Irony

  • June 2006

  • Privacy – More Complex Than It Appears

    Unentertaining Technologies?

    Unethical Ethics Restrictions

  • May 2006

  • Raise Judicial Pay

    Stand Firm Against Fanatics

    Remember the Hindenburg!

    Targeting Target

  • April 2006

  • HHS' Marijuana Follies

    Fear at HHS?

    Public Citizen Mocks Holocaust

    Nature Admits Lack of Interest in Own Accuracy

  • March 2006

  • An Unbearably Grizzly Letter

    How Dare the US Promote Human Rights In Afghanistan?

    HHS Conceding Medical Value of Marijuana?

    Weapons of Mass Tourism?

  • February 2006

  • India and Monsanto: Advancing Biotechnology

    Organic Market

    Watchdog Knocks SOX

    Counterfeit Drugs Kill

  • January 2006

  • Time to End Earmarks?

    The Liberal War on Science

    Defending Elmo's Tub-Time Rhyme Bath Book

    Fair Judicial Pay: Not A Dead Horse


  • December 2005

    NRDC's Cinematic Case for Isolationism

    The Fowl Flu's Fleecing Opportunity

    Has NRDC Gone Neocon?

  • November 2005

    Wal-Mart: A Progressive Company

    Watching Russia As Russia Watches

    In Support of Ignorance

    Sierra Club: The New Hamlet?

  • October 2005

    Is Public Citizen's Petition On the Up and Up?

    Who Is LEAN and Why Do They Want to Kill New Orleans?

    Banning the White House Christmas Tree

  • September 2005

    EPA Leading the Pack on DQA Transparency


    Euro War Over the Environment

    Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll!

    Shelter from the Storm

    Saved by Satan

    Good News

    Attack of the Killer Potatoes

  • August 2005

    Animal Testing

    Who Speaks for the Leech?

    Live by the Lawsuit, Die by the Lawsuit

    Bad Ideas

    Education Not Censorship

    Skin Cancer Rate Triples for Women under 40

    The Fight Against Counterfeit Software

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Watchdog

  • July 2005

    GAO Finds Flaws in DOE's Nuclear Security

    Atomic Watchdog

    Nano Goes to War

    The Paperwork Reduction Act: A Fine Alternative to Hysteria

    GAO Says Federal Government Must Change

    Watchdog Highlights Need for the Data Quality Act

    NRDC's War Against Quality Pesticide Safety Data

  • June 2005

    Sweeping New Privacy Legislation Introduced In Senate

    Friends Don't Let Friends Turn Out The Country's

    Nano In The News

    Forced to Watch?

    GAO Says New Paperwork Reduction Programs May Be Required

    Old Commissions Don't Die, They Just Watch Away

    Please Congress, Don't Make Winston's Potty Walks A Federal Crime

    Environmentalists Embrace the Data Quality Act

    Nanotech On Trial

  • May 2005

    $100 Million Later We Still Don't Know Anything About The Mojave Desert Tortoise

    Nanotech On The Move

    Brave New World: Part II

    Rachel Carson, Meet Adam Smith

  • April 2005

    GAO Says Test Must Be Validated To Be Reliable

    Fundraising Quotas for Bureau of Reclamation Scientists Doesn't Pass PEER Review

    Setting FIRE to College Campuses

    Public Citizen: Right or Far Right?

    An Appalling Lack of Judgement

  • March 2005

    Interior Violates Data Quality Act At Klamath River Basin

    Need For A Disability Rights Watchdog?

    Environmental Movement Commits Suicide

    County Commissioners Plan Data Quality Act Petition

    Kyoto: Colonialism With A Green Face

    Consumers Union Has The ‘Drugs You Need!'

  • February 2005

    In Loco Parentis

    Symbolic Silliness: The Intangible Kyoto Treaty

    Brave New World

    The U.N.'s Backdoor Effort at International Corporate Regulation

    Government Flunks GAO Financial Audit

    Greenpeace: Off Their Medication?

    Do New NIH Ethics Rules Go Too Far?

  • January 2005

    Germany to Force Women Into Prostitution?

    How to Increase America's Dependence on Foreign Energy

    Self-Regulatory Organizations: Watchdogs With Teeth

    Just How Free Is Our Economy?

    Can Gray Goo Cure Cancer?

    The Living Dead


    Enviros Win Case That May Support Judicial Review Of Data Quality Act Petitions

    Another Wall Street Scandal?

    Who Is Watching WHO?

    PEERing At Panthers

    OMB Information Quality Act Report May Surprise Critics

    WHO/FAO Diet Report Doesn't Meet Data Quality Act Standards

    U.S. District Court of Agriculture

    WatchDog for Sale?

    Taking Aim at Regulation by Litigation

    GAO Finds Data Quality Problems With Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reports

    ICANN Subject to Data Quality Act

    Other 2004 Articles

    2003 - 1999

    Enviros Discover (And Use) Data Quality Act

    OIRA Has Increased The Transparency Of Its Agency Reviews

    More On Scandalous Mutual Funds

    The Need For More Open Source Watchdogs

    CRE Gives Universities An Education

    CSPI Embraces Data Quality Act

    CRE's "Sledgehammer"
    The Data Quality Act is CRE's "sledgehammer," at least according to one environmentalist interviewed by Inside EPA. Environmentalists and university researchers are having conniptions over one of CRE's newest regulatory watchdog actions. CRE has undertaken a campaign to ensure that EPA and other agencies are able to use university and other third-party research in regulatory proceedings only if that information complies with the Data Quality Act and implementing guidelines. CRE put the bite on a joint filing by Cornell University and NRDC in an EPA proceeding by notifying the agency that any final action which incorporated the apparently flawed Cornell/NRDC comments would be subject to challenge under the Data Quality Act. Objections ranged from claims that CRE was attempting to "blockade the free exchange of reliable scientific information" to concerns that some scientists may not want to risk industry lawsuits. Winston is puzzled by the concerns since he assumes scientists would both want and take steps to ensure that their research meets federally-mandated quality standards. Winston is also curious as to why so many environmentalists are sure that federal quality standards are a threat to their data.

  • Click to read article
  • CRE Regulatory Services
  • CSPI Asks Dentists to Put the Bite on Corporate Responsibility
    The Coca-Cola Corporation recently donated $1 million to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) to "support important clinical, basic and behavioral research" and "create public and professional educational programs, based on science, that promote improved dental health for children." Instead of applauding this generous act of good corporate citizenship, which promises to improve the dental health of countless children, the Center for Science in the Public Interest is asking the Academy to refuse the money. Watchdog Watch is tempted to suggest that CSPI should not ask AAPD to turn down the funds unless they were willing to make up the money out of their own resources. However, if AAPD were to adhere to the CSPI's principle of not accepting funds from organizations whose actions are contrary to children's health, the dental association might have to refuse CSPI funding.

  • Click to read the article
  • CRE Regulatory Services
  • CRE Rebuts NRDC's Third-Party Comments on EPA's Biosolids Proposal on Data Quality Grounds
    NRDC submitted detailed comments on EPA's draft biosolids risk assessment and NODA which argued that EPA must strictly regulate land-applied biosolids because they pose a significant incremental risk over the background risk from dioxin and related compounds. After,S=22854 54860,S=27421 54861,S=17150 54862,S=15721 54863,S=20751 54864,S=22380 54865,S=9892 54866,S=16734 54867,S=25928 54868,S=26659 54869,S=19350 54870,S=16697 54871,S=12578 54872,S=31512 54873,S=11187 54874,S=11183 54875,S=16061 54876,S=22898 54877,S=17557 54878,S=17271 54879,S=29241 54880,S=119641 54881,S=119644 54882,S=3067 54883,S=65309 54884,S=4628 54885,S=68603 54886,S=28706 54887,S=22085 54888,S=16625 54889,S=8042 54890,S=16965 54891,S=22560 54892,S=18740 54893,S=2803 54894,S=14239 54895,S=104693 54896,S=6105 54897,S=34816 54898,S=19490 54899,S=19274 54900,S=23579 54901,S=2896 54902,S=14188 54903,S=18225 54904,S=17429 54905,S=28575 54906,S=15228 54907,S=105339 54908,S=4368 54909,S=27648 54910,S=35036 54911,S=17960 54912,S=16419 54913,S=35538 54914,S=14715 54915,S=5322 54916,S=4777 54917,S=7180 54918,S=5051 54919,S=5007 54920,S=4984 54921,S=12484 54922,S=33263 54923,S=5954 54924,S=14146 54925,S=67032 54926,S=40052 54927,S=4542 54928,S=23234 54929,S=42093 54930,S=7202 54931,S=5355 54932,S=15067 54933,S=5007 54934,S=4479 54935,S=71962 54936,S=4339 54937,S=3074 54938,S=24571 54939,S=7203 54940,S=5020 54941,S=6011 54942,S=5296 54943,S=14253 54944 1302619569.H282520P2604