From: The Washington Free Beacon

Federal regulatory czar expects ‘strongly deregulatory year’

BY: Charles Fain Lehman


According to Rao, the new deregulatory agenda focuses on several key areas. Infrastructure, a key priority of the administration, is front and center, with much proposed deregulation focusing on easing environmental burdens on new infrastructure projects. These include regulatory changes under the Clean Water Act and National Environmental Policy Act, as well a proposal from the nuclear regulatory commission to ease the licensing process for new nuclear reactors.

In addition, the administration intends to pursue deregulatory actions that will encourage private initiative in technological innovation. The Department of Transportation is expected to float new rules about drones, expanding the bounds on air space they can use. Additionally, Rao expects to see deregulation in the private space flight industry, likely a response to major strides by firms like SpaceX.

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