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In sweeping move, Trump puts regulation monitors in U.S. agencies

Editor’s Note: The Trump Administration can fully enforce its regulatory reform agenda—and seal its legacy—by announcing that the Data Quality Act is judicially reviewable. The DQA is the crucial enforcing mechanism in the President’s Executive Order on Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda.  See, Sec. 3(d)(v).

From: Reuters

By David Shepardson and Steve Holland

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday to place “regulatory reform” task forces and officers within federal agencies in what may be the most far reaching effort to pare back U.S. red tape in recent decades.


White House Guide Tees Up Battles Between EPA, Agencies On Rule Costs

From: Inside EPA

David Lim & Donna Haseley


“Agencies that are not able to generate sufficient savings to account for new regulatory actions they must issue may submit a written request to the Director of OMB to transfer savings from another agency before they submit a regulatory action for review that does not contain the needed offset. However, if the Director does not concur with this request, the Agency must identify adequate offsets absent a waiver,” the guidance states.


Trump’s ‘interesting’ order could be ‘showpiece’ — analysts

From: E&E News

Arianna Skibell


Jim Tozzi, a longtime government employee who helped develop the regulatory budget idea during the Carter administration, said people are so focused on the “one in, two out” aspect of the order that they’re missing the point.

“A regulatory budget sets a limit on the total cost of regulation that the EPA can impose,” he said. “That’s a huge change in the way the government operates.”

“The bottom line is we’ve been proposing this for 37 years,” he said.

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