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United States and Canada Announce the 2016 Annual Work Plans

From: U.S.-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council

The United States and Canada continue to deepen our regulatory cooperation to enhance economic competitiveness while maintaining high standards when it comes to health, safety, and the environment. The release of the annual Work Plans are an important step in our regulatory cooperation moving forward.

In addition, the Regulatory Partnership Statements outline the framework for how cooperative activities will be managed between agencies, including:

  • High-level governance
  • Opportunities for stakeholder input/engagements
  • Annual review of Work Plans

*The Work Plans will be released as they are finalized and will be hyperlinked. Please check back in the following days and weeks for additional updates.

OIRA Reiterates: The Data Quality Act “applies to all information disseminated from Federal websites”

Editor’s Note: Memorandum M-17-06, Policies for Federal Agency Public Websites and Digital Services, signed the Director of OMB, the Administrator of OIRA, and the Federal CIO is available here. Below is an excerpt.

From: The White House

11. Ensure Information Quality and Accuracy

The Internet enables agencies to communicate information quickly and easily to a wide audience, which, while of great benefit to society, also increases the potential harm that can result from disseminating incorrect information. Taking this into account, information disseminated from Federal Government websites and digital services, or from third-party services on behalf of the Government, is expected to be authoritative and reliable.

The next ‘regulatory czar’

From: Greenwire

Robin Bravender, E&E News reporter

Jim Tozzi, a former longtime OIRA official, said it’s not clear how a Trump administration would steer the regulatory review shop.

Given what Trump has said, “there are certain programs he either wants to increase regulation a lot or others where he certainly wants to decrease regulation.” In the case of decreasing regulation, Trump “would probably want a very strong OIRA office because, as some people said, that’s the cockpit of the regulatory state, and those people are pilots.”

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