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Trans-Pacific Trade Delayed to 2013

From: Digital Supply Chain

White House Group Delays Trade Pact to 2013

Jamie Robinson

An interagency working group led by the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs has goals to facilitate cooperation and coordination among international regulatory bodies, manufacturers, and suppliers. The Trans-Pacific Partnership will discuss adopting international standards and reporting requirements that can streamline regulatory checks and reduce overlapping ones.

The interagency group formed initially in 2012, but U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donahue said he expects the pact will be completed in 2013, later than expected. The group wrapped its 13th round of negotiations July 2-10 in San Diego, California, discussing further the more than 20 chapters under negotiation, including proposals in intellectual property rights, and tariff packages on industrial goods, agriculture, and textiles.

Heading OBM’s government-wide financial management improvements

From: 1500AM

Danny Werfel is the Controller, Office of Federal Financial Management (OFFM) within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). He is responsible for coordinating OMB’s efforts to initiate government-wide improvements in all areas of financial management.

Mr. Werfel plays a leadership role in coordinating OMB review of agency efforts under the Financial Performance, Real Property, and Improper Payments initiatives of the President’s Management Agenda.

Mr. Werfel is also responsible for coordinating the development of government-wide policy on financial accounting standards, grants management, and financial systems.

President Obama’s administration slow-walks new rules

From: Politico


It’s a staple of Mitt Romney’s talking points: President Barack Obama and his lefty lieutenants have stifled economic growth with a Politburo-style regulatory regime.

After all, the president dropped two of the biggest regulatory bombs in memory with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and a health care law that gives the Health and Human Services Department sweeping authority to run a whole new insurance system.