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From: Inside Washington Publishers | Special Report: Reinventing Governance

Former OMB official sees broader support for OIRA flowing from Trump’s regulatory budget


“[C]entralized regulatory review would not have survived for nearly a half century without a cadre, however small, of individuals who were willing to place their career on the line because the mere existence of centralized regulatory review was at that time repugnant to a number of the leaders of the administrative state who frequently advocated retaliatory measures,” Tozzi writes.

“OMB, including OIRA, has the responsibility to advise the presidency of the impact of their planned actions but once a decision is made OMB has the responsibility to ensure the decisions are implemented in accordance with prevailing statutes. Fortunately, over the last half century, OIRA and its predecessors were, and presently are, supported by a bipartisan base,” according to Tozzi. Nonetheless, a “national constituency” for OIRA “would be a great help,” he says.

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