From: Ministry of Finance (Israel)

Recognizing the economic significance of lowering regulatory costs and excessive bureaucracy emphasized by the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the State of Israel;


The Office of Management and Budget of the United States of America and the Ministry of Finance of the State of Israel (together, the “Participants”) have decided to establish a Joint Task Force on Good Regulatory Practices, under the auspices of the Joint Economic Development Group, an annual strategic interagency policy dialogue, co-chaired by the Departments of State and Treasury of the United States and the Ministry of Finance of the State of Israel to address bilateral economic issues.

The Joint Task Force will establish a dialogue between the Participants to share experiences with respect to the development and implementation of GRPs. The Joint Task Force is establishing the dialogue in order to:

I. examine and compare approaches to advancing and implementing government wide regulatory reforms, including reducing the flow of new regulations, conducting regulatory impact assessments, allowing all interested stakeholders to participate in the development of regulations, and measuring the success of regulatory reform initiatives;

II. discuss different approaches to deregulation, including how to identify and prioritize regulations in need of reform as well as methods for reducing regulatory burdens; and

III. discuss the complexities and best practices concerning the internal coordination of regulatory policy.

The Joint Task Force will be led by the Office of Management and Budget’s Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Ms. Neomi Rao, and the Ministry of Finance’s Acting Director of the National Budget Department, Mr. Yoel Naveh and the Ministry of Finance’s Accountant General Rony Hizkiaho.

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