The Independent Republic  a newsletter we were not acquainted with until it published this article on  Arctic Drilling suggests  that it provides unbiased information to its readers.

CRE merely made a comment  on the aforementioned post calling to the attention of its readers   a letter (Pritzker Letter June 16 i ) CRE sent to Secretary Pritzker. The moderator of the  website decided not to publish the CRE letter.

Unlike the “Independent” Republic, CRE allows all readers with views that may be different from those of CRE to post on its  website; thus the reason it has  a substantial federal readership.

The Independent Republic  states:

“All correspondence addressed to The Independent Republic or its editors will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and as subject to The Independent Republic’s right to comment editorially”

CRE encourages The Independent Republic to adhere to its policy.