Editor’s Note: The complete ROCIS HOW TO Guide for Agency Users of the Information Collection Request (ICR) Module (June 9, 2016) is attached here (pdf).  Below is a noteworthy excerpt.

From: GSA/Regulatory Information Service Center

Appendix A:  Disaggregating Information Collection Requests (ICRs) into Information Collections (ICs): Questions and Answers


  1. Why is OMB requiring that information collection requests (ICRs) be divided into information collections (ICs)?

Under the current system, aggregate statistics on paperwork burden provide limited information, particularly at the ICR level.  The IC concept has been developed in order to provide more informative statistics about the information collection burden of the Federal government.  For example, the new ROCIS paperwork module will facilitate a more accurate accounting of paperwork burden by affected public and by reporting, recordkeeping, or third-party disclosures.  In addition, the new system will allow a more accurate accounting of burden imposed on small entities, and for burden imposed by a new statute.  In addition, collecting data at the IC level will facilitate the creation on an online catalog of forms and other instruments for forms.gov.