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Regulation-stalling agency becomes political lightning rod’s Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

A little-known White House agency, set up during the Reagan administration, is under fire after a new report claimed it has been responsible for delaying or killing regulations that could save hundreds of lives. However, supporters say it is doing the “cold-blooded” — but vital — work that has to be done in scrutinizing regulations.


“The piece in question portrays a distorted view of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs,” Emily Cain, a spokeswoman for the Office of Management and Budget, told

“Our goal is not to move rules hastily, but to maximize the effectiveness and benefit of the rules we complete. OIRA reviews hundreds of rules each year in a timely and effective manner. The fact that a small number of rules have required extended review and further work is an exception.  OMB works as expeditiously as possible to review rules, but when it comes to complex rules with significant potential impact, we take the time needed to get them right,” Cain said.

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