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  1. CRE says:

    Professor Gellhorn, The APA, and Recorded History

    CRE encourages students and interested parties to initiate a review of the McNollgast conclusions described in the post above. To augment this review CRE has posted below the review of the article by a leading scholar who concluded that “the APA was not the product of lofty social views” but did so probably for reasons somewhat different than McNollgast.

    It should be noted that “McNollgast” is the name given to a trio of writers from the field of political science whereas the reviewing author, Professor Schwartz, is from a school of law.

    In order to assist those who do decide to work on the project readers are encouraged to support this effort by posting relevant materials on this page, including:

    1. Identification of source material

    2. Identification of subject matter experts

    3. Particular areas of emphasis

    Additional Background Material

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  2. CRE says:

    Review of McNollgast by Professor Alan Schwartz


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