Editor’s Note: The following article originally appeared on the Americans for Safe Access website, here. A pdf is available here.

Opening Ceremony

We are proud to announce that Jim Tozzi as our Unity 2014 Opening Ceremony Speaker

Jim J. Tozzi, of the Center for Regulatory EffectivenessJim Tozzi worked for five consecutive Presidential Administrations including service as the senior career regulatory policy official at the White House Office of Management and Budget. Dr.Tozzi was instrumental in establishing a primary cornerstone of the regulatory state–the centralized review of regulations by the White House. He is also the father of the Data Quality Act. Dr.Tozzi has been appointed to the Administrative Conference of the US; the federal agency responsible for overseeing the federal regulatory process.

To learn more about Dr. Tozzi, please check out his his recent article in The Environment Forum, where he mentions the extraordinary work of ASA Executive Director, Steph Sherer.