New Publication – Regulation: A Primer

Editor’s Note:  “Regulation: A Primer” (Second Edition) by Susan E. Dudley and Jerry Brito is atatched  here

From: George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center

In conjunction with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University,  the GW Regulatory Studies Center is proud to announce the release of a  brand-new, updated publication of Regulation: A Primer by RSC Director Susan Dudley and Mercatus Senior Research Fellow Jerry Brito.

Federal regulations affect nearly every area of our lives, and public interest  in regulation is increasing. However, many people don’t know how regulations  are developed or how they affect the lives of everyday American citizens. The Primer provides an accessible overview  of regulatory theory, analysis, and practice to simplify the rulemaking process for academics and policy makers alike.

The Primer examines the constitutional underpinnings of federal  regulation and discusses who writes and enforces regulation and how they  do it. It also provides insights into the different varieties of  regulation and how to analyze whether a regulatory proposal makes  citizens better or worse off. Each chapter discusses key aspects of  regulation and provides further readings for those interested in  exploring topics in more detail.

A free PDF version of the Primer is available on our website; Kindle editions of the Primer are available for purchase on Amazon for $3.99, and hard copies can be purchased for $8.00 here.

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