ACUS Adopts Five Recommendations That Improve Government Efficiency, Promote Transparency, and Enhance Public Participation in the Regulatory Process

From: Administrative Conference of the United States

Washington, December 15, 2017 – At its 68th Plenary Session, the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) Assembly formally adopted the five following recommendations.


Agency Guidance, which was adopted as Recommendation 2017-5, provides best practices to agencies on the formulation and use of guidance documents. https://www.acus.gov/research-projects/agency-guidance.

Regulatory Experimentation, which was adopted as Recommendation 2017-6, offers advice to agencies on learning from different regulatory approaches. It encourages agencies to collect data, conduct analysis at all stages of the rulemaking lifecycle (from pre-rule analysis to retrospective review), and solicit public input at appropriate points in the process. https://www.acus.gov/research-projects/regulatory-experimentation.

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