The Office of the Federal Register: Key to Rejuvenating

From: Jim Tozzi, Public Member

The Rejuvenation of


With respect to institutional residency, consideration should be given to housing in an existing federal agency which has a mandate far broader than the mere issuance of regulations but instead one whose primary mission is the compilation and dissemination of relevant regulatory information to the public and stakeholders. One agency that might be home to is the Office of the Federal Register. The Office of the Federal Register has an extensive database on regulatory actions which is constantly increasing and which is under constant change to make the attendant work product more valuable to its readers. The aforementioned databases should be incorporated into but presently such a wish is a distant hope at best.

In addition the Office of the Federal Register has a professional staff in sufficient quantity and quality to provide ongoing regulatory and IT support. For example the search capacity of should be improved so as to be able to separate form letters from those of affected parties. Notices in the Federal Register should be augmented by including information from, and

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