Free-Market Groups Urge Congress To Expand CRA’s Reach To Older Rules

From: Inside EPA

Dawn Reeves


Another group supporting this idea is the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE), which affirms Gaziano’s interpretation in a blog post responding to the Journal article. “If implemented the aforementioned use of the CRA will result in a game-changing approach to the retrospective review of regulations.” CRE also notes that it notified lawmakers in 2010 that EPA failed to submit its 2009 EDSP regulation and that it was not in effect. EPA later submitted the report, a CRE source says.


Still, the source suggests that the Trump OIRA ask its agencies to advise it of all major rules that did not have reports filed, and whether any of those may be vulnerable from a cost or policy standpoint. “And then get a list for each agency, and have staff review and present the most important targets. And then take that to the House and Senate to agree on a set of regulations to go after.” The source also suggests looking at “troublesome guidance.”

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