An Open Letter to the Association of American Law Schools re: Curricula

Editor’s Note: CRE’s complete letter to AALS is available here. Below is an excerpt. Here is CRE’s letter to the ABA Accreditation Committee


I was pleased to learn that AALS is becoming involved in the review and, hopefully, the updating of law school curricula as described in Penn RegBlog’s Innovations in Regulatory Law series, see

CRE has always been of the opinion that law schools do a splendid job in teaching attorneys how to win in court but precious little in teaching them how to win before an agency. It is for this reason that we have developed the OIRA Teaching Module,

We recommend that the AALS establish an interdisciplinary group to review curricula with an eye toward enhancing the usefulness of a law degree in light of the very informative work of the aforementioned panel.

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