Republicans fret ‘midnight regulations’ from Obama

Editor’s Note: The Obama Administration’s January 20, 2009 Memo by the Chief of Staff on (Midnight Regulations) is available here and the follow-up January 21, 2009 Memo from the Director of OMB implementing the Chief of Staff’s Memo is available here, both courtesy of TheOMB.US. A report prepared by a consultant to the Administrative Conference of the United States, “Midnight Rules: A Reform Agenda” is available here.

From: The Hill

By Tim Devaney

Republicans are sounding the alarm about a deluge of  “midnight regulations” that could be pushed through agency pipelines the waning days of the Obama administration.

It has become increasingly common for outgoing presidents to preside over late-term bursts of rules, as they look to cement their marks on Washington and accomplish remaining policy goals before they exit the White House.

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