Governor Gina M. Raimondo’s Exemplary Regulatory Review Executive Order on Creating Opportunity

Editor’s Note: Rhode Island Governor Gina M. Raimondo’s Executive Order 15-07, IMPROVING RHODE ISLAND’S REGULATORY CLIMATE TO CREATE OPPORTUNITY, provides an examplary model of how states can use regulatory reform to improve their citizen’s lives. The complete Executive Order is attached here. Below are excerpts. For a discussion of OIRA Administrator Shelanski’s comments on the bipartisan nature of centralized regulatory review, see here.

WHEREAS, outdated, superfluous, or vague rules often impose unnecessary costs and burdens on municipalities, small businesses, and other regulated entities; and

WHEREAS, Rhode Island citizens deserve better access to regulatory information and faster responses from government; and


4. Rules shall be based on sound, reasonably available scientific, technical, economic, and other relevant information. Agencies shall cite this information in support of regulatory proposals.


8. Rules shall avoid negative business, employment, and overall economic impact. If demonstrated through evidence as necessary despite a negative business, employment, and overall economic impact, the rules shall be designed to minimize such impact.


1. Agencies shall submit and receive approval from OMB of proposed rules before rules may be posted for notice of intended action as required by Rhode Island General Laws ยง 42-35-3(a)(1).


11. OMB shall create standards and provide training to agencies on drafting economic impact statements and completing cost-benefit analyses.

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