EPA’s Coal Ash Rule Demonstrates Worthiness of White House Regulatory Review

From: GlobalWarming.org

by William Yeatman

Earlier today, I posted a primer on the EPA’s pending coal ash rule. In fact, the rule is almost assuredly going to be a far superior regulation than the shoddy version EPA originally drafted. And the means by which the rule improved in quality sheds much light on a little noticed yet supremely important component of the rulemaking process: White House regulatory review.

White House Regulatory Review: The Bare Bones Basics


Fortunately, the agency heeded the lessons of its interagency spanking. The version that EPA officially proposed in the Federal Register was much more reasonable than the version it had sent to OIRA. Between the pre-OIRA draft and the final proposal, EPA dropped its evident intent to impose the most stringent possible measure.*

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  1. Henry Jackson

    The EPA’s Coal Ash Rule represents a departure from this approach. The rule is a product of the White House Office of Management and Budget’s regular regulatory review process — one that has been criticized as too little, too late.If all goes according to plan, the Office of Management and Budget will release its final report on the coal ash rule this summer. That report will include recommendations for how the rule could be improved. https://www.proessaywriting.com/pay-someone-to-write-my-paper/ could include new or revised guidance on when EPA should require facilities to clean up their coal ash dumps or whether it should require additional monitoring at these sites once they have been cleaned up.

  2. Diter Knobloch


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