A Closer Look: The [PA] Independent Regulatory Review Commission, with Chairman John Mizner

From: The PLS Reporter

Author: Josh Levy

“People don’t know that we actually do have a review process here in Pennsylvania that is unique among the 50 states, and there is no such thing in the federal government,” John Mizner, Esq., chairman of the Independent Regulatory Review Commission, told The PLS Reporter.

“We’re the most important commission in Harrisburg that no one has ever heard of,” Mizner remarked, even though “virtually everybody” is affected in some way by the regulations approved by the commission.


“Every single proposed regulation must go through the regulatory review process regardless of the department, board, agency, or commission that promulgates the regulation,” Mizner said.

The review process consists of an agency proposing a regulation, comments from both IRRC and the public, and finally the agency’s updated regulation, which the commission then votes on to approve.


IRRC does not propose regulations or change the proposed regulations itself though, it solely dictates to agencies what issues, if any, need to be addressed.

“We are not one of the players on the field; we are umpires. We’re to decide on this criteria, whether the proposed regulation meets the criteria or does not meet the criteria.”

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