Revitalization of DOE’s Role as a Regulatory Watchdog

DOE’s enabling statutes give it ample authority to intervene in the regulatory programs of other agencies.  These interventionist authorities are to be used when other federal agencies propose regulations which curtail the attainment of the nation’s energy goals.

Unfortunately these  DOE regulatory authorities have remained dormant for years.  DOE is in the process of implementing a program to examine its  existing regulations and at the same time to initiate process changes which will  make its programs more responsive to the needs of the public.

In response to a request for public comment CRE has provided DOE with these recommendations.

OIRA should enhance the regulatory watchdog role of DOE by considering DOE’s views on proposed rules during OIRA’s review of regulations. OIRA’s use of a designated agency to assist in the government-wide review of regulations for a particular sector is not a new idea–it was the heart of the Nixon Quality of Life Review program.

In order to assist federal agencies in their evaluation of CRE’s comments, CRE routinely makes its submissions available for public comment and discussion.  We encourage the public to submit comments using Leave a Reply link below.

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