Reconciling Agency Expertise With Presidential Power

Professor Wagner has written an interesting article dealing with Presidential Power and its impact on agency expertise.

She concludes:

 In a number of rule settings, OIRA suggests dozens of intricate changes outside of the agencies’ rigorous deliberative processes that, while presumably intended to advance larger policy preferences, also involve changes to the agencies’ supporting, technical explanations.

Our view is that OIRA has the statutory mandate to enforce the Data Quality Act and to the extent OIRA comments are substantiated by the requirements of the said Act, OIRA is simply following its Congressional mandate.

N. B. Accolades to Professor Wagner in that although she references the often quoted “ no fingerprints” comment she not only gives a link to the underlying article so that the reader can see the context in which it was made but the link is live which allows readers to access it immediately.

 See Peter Behr, If There’s a New Rule, Jim Tozzi Has Read It, Wash. Post (July 10,1981)


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