A Communication with the Council on Foreign Relations

Rebecca Strauss

October 6, 2015

Director, Renewing America Publications

The Council on Foreign Relations.


Ms. Strauss:

Mr. Reeve Bull of the Administrative Conference of the US, in a forthcoming publication, highlighted your very deep insights into federal regulatory policy as contained in the Council Report.

I was particularly impressed with the following statements at the beginning of your report:

β€œIn particular, the U.S. regulatory management system, or the way in which federal regulations are designed, could be improved. The system has changed little since the early 1980s and focuses almost exclusively on cost-benefit analysis before regulations are put into place, instead of in hindsight when it is clearer whether a regulation is working.”

β€œThe United States used to be the trailblazer in regulatory reform. But the rest of the rich world has caught up. Countries like Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom can now lay claim to being at the cutting edge of regulatory management. They have implemented systems that better manage existing stock, for example, with regulatory budgets and automatic reviews, while also improving the filter for new regulations through empirical study.”

See CRE Policy Communique with the Council on Foreign Relations

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