An Early Warning: Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

 There a numerous press reports comparing the several day outage of to the outage of the healthcare website.

 The outage of the healthcare site is a transient problem and even  when it is down for an extended period of time the biggest problem  is that insurance policies are not issued in a timely manner.

 Not the case with  Judicially enforceable deadlines are not disclosed, government sponsored meetings are not announced and a host of other time sensitive matters are jeopardized.

 Even more troubling are  reports that when the website crashed there was a question as to whether some of the data was lost. was subject to a huge design flaw at the onset when a decision was made that the underlying data sets could not be agency-centric but instead  had to share a common searchable data base. That decision resulted in shifting the responsibility from agency personnel to personnel for maintaining the repository of federal rulemaking information.

 The end result is that does not have a parent; it is run by a multi-headed interagency council and has no fixed appropriations base.  All of these attributes leads us to conclude it is a disaster waiting to happen.

 The CRE recommend solution to transfer to the Office of the Federal Register is described here.

Jim Tozzi

Member, Board of Advisors

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

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