They Got it Right–The Nixon Quality of Life Review is the Root of Centralized Regulatory Review!

Recently the attention of the legal community given to centralized regulatory review is growing at an amazing rate.  Out of all the articles written on the subject, in the views of those who have considerable sweat equity invested in the enterprise, the following statements are the most accurate in describing the Nixon Quality of Life Review.

 Relief or Reform | Eads and Fix | Urban Institute 1984

“Many of the procedures and institutional arrangements that would later be employed by Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan trace their origins to decisions made in 1971 by the Nixon Administration”.



Regulatory Review, Capture and Agency Inaction | Livermore and Revesz (2012)

Executive review of agency rulemaking is one of the most important innovations in contemporary American administrative law. In 1981, building on practices that had been in place since the presidency of Richard Nixon, President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12,291, giving the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) the authority to review new regulations proposed by most federal administrative agencies.


Nine Pacesetters for the Establishment of Centralized Regulatory Review via the Quality of Life Review

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